Hong Kong airport protest continues for third day

  11 August 2019    Read: 3300
Hong Kong airport protest continues for third day

Only a few dozen demonstrators were camping out at Hong Kong International Airport early on Sunday after a long day of guerilla-style protests on city streets ended with the arrest of 16 people.

On the third and final day of a mass sit-in at the airport’s arrival hall, more than 30 demonstrators were seen at about 8am greeting incoming travellers, as part of an attempt to win overseas support for their movement.

The city is entering its tenth week of anti-government protests, which were sparked by the now-abandoned extradition bill.

Protesters said more demonstrators were expected to arrive at the airport at around 1pm. A flash mob – an organised flurry of protest – was also set to take place at the arrival hall at 2pm.

Extra travel document checks were still in force for passengers on Sunday and barriers installed ahead of the protest remained in place.

The peaceful sit-in continued while clashes broke out in other parts of the city on Saturday
, with tear gas fired in Tai Wai and Tsim Sha Tsui after protesters took part in an unapproved march in Tai Po.


South China Morning Post

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