Iran unveils armored vehicle, smart robot

  03 October 2019    Read: 961
Iran unveils armored vehicle, smart robot

Iranian Army unveiled five new domestically-developed achievements on Thursday, including Ruintan bullet-proof armored light vehicle and Heydar 1 smart robot, reports citing IRNA.

Deputy Commander of the Army Brigadier-General Mohammad-Hossein Dadras and Commander of the Ground Forces of the Army Brigadier-General Kiumars Heydari attended the ceremony.

Ruintan is a state-of-the-art light vehicle resistant to steel core bullets. It has the defense standards of Iran, is surprisingly agile and powerful, and fully protects the passengers. The car can be used in terror fights or battlefields.

Heydar 1 smart robot has six active wheels, can carry loads, turn 360°, and detects obstacles in its path.

Another important achievement of the Army is Farpod drone, a small hand-launched drone used for reconnaissance and rapid reaction. It is equipped with auto-pilot and can take pictures round the clock.

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