Belgium finds 12 migrants alive in refrigerated truck in Antwerp

  30 October 2019    Read: 862
Belgium finds 12 migrants alive in refrigerated truck in Antwerp

Police have rescued twelve migrants from a refrigerated truck on a motorway car park outside Turnhout near Antwerp, after the driver alerted the law enforcement. The migrants were eleven Syrians and one Sudanese, reports citing Sputnik.

Several days ago, as many as twenty migrants were found in good health in two separate trucks in Belgium on Saturday (Oct 26), according to local prosecutors. The truck, en route to the United Kingdom, stopped for a mechanical problem at a garage when the migrants were found.

The issue has drawn particular attention of law enforcement officials since only last week, 39 migrants were found dead in a refrigerated lorry that had crossed to the UK illegally from another Belgian city Zeebrugge.

A man from Northern Ireland was subsequently detained by the UK police on suspicion of conspiracy to traffic people and manslaughter after the shocking discovery was made as police checked his truck container on 23 October. The officials pointed out that, most or even perhaps all people had already died by the time their bodies were transferred into the man's truck. Three more suspects were detained, namely on 39 counts of manslaughter and human trafficking, with both Belgian and British authorities pursuing a joint investigation amid increased scrutiny of the criminal case.

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