3 Police officers killed, 7 injured as car bomb explodes in Colombia's Santander de Quilichao

  23 November 2019    Read: 979
3 Police officers killed, 7 injured as car bomb explodes in Colombia

An explosive device reportedly planted in a vehicle in the Colombian city of Santander de Quilichao detonated late on Friday, killing at least three police officers and injuring seven people, according to AFP.

No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion. Local eyewitnesses have taken to social media to share videos depicting alleged injured police officers after an explosion at a local hospital. Local authorities have reportedly launched an investigation into the incident.

Colombia has been engulfed in mass unrest since Thursday that has turned violent and prompted authorities to impose a curfew in Bogota and several other cities.

Protests were initially planned at a student rally, but some in the political opposition announced plans to hold a general strike the same day. Fearing that Colombia might follow recent scenarios that have endangered several other Latin American administrations, the incumbent government has taken what it describes as preemptive measures.

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