Syrian Government Army takes control of flashpoint Idlib village

  23 December 2019    Read: 982
Syrian Government Army takes control of flashpoint Idlib village

The Syrian government has reclaimed control of Alteh, a flashpoint village in the Idlib province, according to a source in the Syrian military, reports citing Sputnik.

The Syrian army has taken the strategic settlement of Alteh, in northeastern Idlib, under its control," the source said.

The village was a major stronghold of what used to be known as al-Qaeda in Syria, or the Nusra Front*.
The Syrian government began a military campaign on Thursday to reclaim control of the Idlib province, the last Islamist bulwark in the war-torn country. Several more villages have recently been freed from the jihadists' grip.

The statement comes after Syrian government troops regained control over several villages in the southeastern part of the province of Idlib.

"The Syrian army regained control of the villages of Al Bustan, Al Haraqi and Abu Sharjah northwest of Tal Damm, the village of Al Burj north of Sarja Gharbiya, Harran hills west of Sarja Gharbiya and Homs west of Al Burj," according to a field commander with the Syrian military.

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