Netanyahu claims victory in his party's leadership primaries

  27 December 2019    Read: 857
Netanyahu claims victory in his party

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed victory in his party primary election on Thursday night, fending off a veteran contender that challenged his long-time rule of Israel's governing party, Xinhua reports. 

"Great victory!" Netanyahu wrote on Twitter.

The results secured Netanyahu's place at the helm of the Likud party ahead of the upcoming national elections on March 2.

"With the help of God and with your help," he told his supporters, "I will lead the Likud for a great victory in the elections and will continue to lead Israel to great achievements."

Israel's Channel 12 TV news reported that initial results showed Netanyahu won a landslide victory with about 70 percent of the votes while his rival, Gideon Saar, won about 30 percent.

Final results are expected on Friday morning, said a spokesman for the Likud.

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