Spain confirms second coronavirus case in country - Health Ministry

  09 February 2020    Read: 598
Spain confirms second coronavirus case in country - Health Ministry

The Spanish Health Ministry said on 9 February that the second coronavirus case was confirmed in the country after a tourist from the United Kingdom, who was living in Spain’s Majorca island, got infected.

"The National Centre for Microbiology of Carlos III Health Institute confirms a case of #coronavirus in Majorca. This is one of the 4 people who were admitted [to a hospital], isolated and put under surveillance last Friday at the Hospital Universitario Son Espases in Palma de Mallorca", the ministry said on their official Twitter account.

All four people were members of one British family, and they reportedly had contacts with one of the coronavirus-infected patients in France.

The first case of coronavirus in Spain was confirmed in late January — a German tourist holidaying in the Canary islands tested positive for the virus.

Currently, the death toll from the new coronavirus is more than 800 in China, with the total number of registered cases exceeding 37,000. Outside Spain, the virus has been detected in several other European countries, namely Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

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