Apple warns virus hitting Israel's iPhone inventory

  17 February 2020    Read: 1042
Apple warns virus hitting Israel

Mobile phone operators in Israel were notified today by Apple that the supply of iPhones sent to Israel would be updated every week, instead of every three weeks, because of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak, which is affecting the production capacity of factories in Asia, with reference to Globes reports.

At the same time, CData, one of Apple's distributors in Israel, reported to its distributors and stores that its current supply of devices was limited. The company stated, "As a result of the situation in China, the inventory of iPhones has almost run out, and there is no expectation that new inventory will arrive." The company later specified which models it still had in stock.

The mobile phone companies in Israel believe that a delay in the arrival of mobile phone deliveries to Israel is possible because of the disruption of production lines.

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