NASA updates coronavirus plans after employee tested positive

  13 March 2020    Read: 833
NASA updates coronavirus plans after employee tested positive

NASA provided an update on how the government agency is proceeding following the revelation that an employee tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and the disease COVID-19, earlier this month, Fox News reports .

"Agency leadership, Ames leadership team and Ames medical personnel continue to actively monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking appropriate action to protect and care for our NASA family," the agency wrote in a March 11 update on its website.

"In response to an Ames employee testing positive for coronavirus, we have been tracing the employee’s activities in order to identify and notify individuals who may have had significant contact with that employee," NASA added. "We expect to notify all potentially affected employees by March 11."

Ames Research Center remains on mandatory telework and restricted access through at least March 13.

The government agency added that "all work-related travel is canceled for the week of March 9, and future travel will be reviewed on an individual basis."

Earlier this week, NASA's Ames Research Center issued a mandatory order for employees to work from home after one person tested positive for COVID-19. The Ames Center received notice on March 8 that the employee had tested positive.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine issued a statement on Monday following the news, saying the agency would continue to "closely monitor and coordinate with federal, state, and community officials to take any further appropriate steps to help safeguard the NASA family."

There have been 124,518 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Thursday morning, a 5.38 percent increase in the past 24 hours. Of that, 80,980 originated in China and there are more than 1,300 cases in the U.S., with 108 countries around the world affected.



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