PM Imran extends Pakistan coronavirus lockdown by two weeks

  14 April 2020    Read: 643
PM Imran extends Pakistan coronavirus lockdown by two weeks

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Tuesday the current lockdown in Pakistan to contain the coronavirus pandemic was to continue for another two weeks at schools and public places but that certain industries, such as construction, would be opened effectively tomorrow.

Speaking of the government's response to the virus so far, PM Imran said: "Owing to the restrictions we imposed, the virus did not spread the way it should have. It only spread to an extent of 30% as opposed to our projections."

The premier said the government's projections were based on worldwide trends. "Some 190 people should have died so far but we have less than half the number of deaths from the projected number," he said.

He warned that the people should still all be mindful that "this virus can spread rapidly at any time".

"We need to continue to exercise caution," he added.

Reiterating the need for people to continue to exercise self-discipline, the prime minister said despite the situation not looking as dismal, "if the curve spikes up, our current health system will not be able to meet the challenge".

Planning Minister Asad Umar took over the briefing to speak of the National Coordination Committee, which had convened earlier in the day to decide on the matter of whether or not to extend the lockdown.

Umar rejected the impression that "there is no coordination" among members of the committee.

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