Italy's death toll from coronavirus rises to 32,169

  20 May 2020    Read: 662

A further 162 COVID-19 patients had died in the past 24 hours in Italy, bringing the country's death toll to 32,169, out of total infection cases of 226,699, according to fresh figures on Tuesday, reports citing Xinhua.

Tuesday's number of deaths bounced from Monday's tally of 99, the first time Italy's daily casualties were lower than 100 since March 10. Italy also registered 813 new cases of infection nationwide in the 24-hour period.

Nationwide, the number of active infections fell by 1,424 cases to 65,129 cases, down from a total of 66,553 infections on Monday, according to the Civil Protection Department.

Of those who tested positive for the new coronavirus, 716 are in intensive care, 33 fewer compared to Monday, and 9,991 are hospitalized with symptoms, down by 216 patients over the past 24 hours.

The rest 54,422 people, or about 84 percent of those who tested positive, are quarantined at home with no symptoms or only mild symptoms.

Recoveries rose by 2,075 compared to Monday, bringing the nationwide total to 129,401 -- up from 127,326 recoveries on Monday.

The Lombardy region whose capital is Milan still led the way in terms of cases with 27,291 active infections, followed by its neighbors Piedmont with 9,635 cases and the Emilia-Romagna region with 5,330 cases.

In the rest of Italy's 20 regions, the figures ranged from 3,786 cases in the central Lazio region, where Rome is located, to 49 infections in the northern Valle d'Aosta region in the Alps.

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