We will take revenge for our servicemen's martyrdom, says Azerbaijani President

  13 July 2020    Read: 882
 We will take revenge for our servicemen

We have undertaken a number of initiatives to organize summits of international organizations, as well as the special session of the UN General Assembly. More than 130 countries supported the offer to hold a special session while only Armenia opposed it by being disgraced and isolating itself from the world, said the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in his speech at a meeting of the Security Council. 

President Ilham Aliyev stated that Armenia one more time achieved to attract the attention of the whole world to its ugly policy with its incomprehensible stance on the battle against COVID-19. 

"How Armenia can oppose this offer at a time when Azerbaijan demands the unification of the whole world in this fight. Therefore, Armenia is losing almost all of its support in the international arena. The internal situation is quite tense. Everyone understands that Armenia's "progress" promise is as an illusion or a fiction. Of course, the information released by the Armenian authorities regarding yesterday's incident is another sign of their fiction. They want Azerbaijan to be accused of in this attack. However, there is no reason for that and I want to say again. All independent experts can confirm that an artillery shell was fired at our military post by the Armenian side without any reason and, as a result, our military servicemen were killed", President Aliyev highlighted.

Armenia's power only let them open fire on the civilians or suddenly hit our military posts. It once again revealed its ugly and insidious nature. I want to say again that the enemy received an adequate response yesterday and tonight. We have taken and will take revenge for our military servicemen and martyrs. We will use every opportunity to defend ourselves and teach the enemy their place again," he said.

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