Appeals made to international organizations regarding Armenian provocation

  13 July 2020    Read: 1261
 Appeals made to international organizations regarding Armenian provocation

"On one hand, Armenia appeals to the international community asking for help to strengthen the ceasefire on the contact line between Azerbaijan and Armenia. On the other hand, by committing military provocations the Armenian side wants to occupy Azerbaijani territory, seize our positions, open fire on civilians and our villages. This insidious policy will drive Armenia into the abyss. Armenian leadership bears all the responsibility," President Ilham Aliyev said.

The head of state made the remarks during a meeting of the Security Council on Monday, reports.

"Hence, Azerbaijan will continue to protect its territorial integrity. The crushing blows inflicted on the enemy yesterday afternoon and tonight showed it once again. We have taken revenge for our martyrs. The blood of the martyrs has not gone in vain," President Aliyev reports. 

"Committing such actions is a manifestation of Armenia's aggressive policy. It is impossible to explain this policy logically. This policy is contradictory, being a big source of threat to Armenia. I have repeated many times that we will never reconcile with occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and will do our best to restore our territorial integrity," President Aliyev added. 

"Appeals have been made to international organizations. When the operational situation allows, we will invite military representatives of foreign countries operating in Azerbaijan to the area, so that they can see the situation themselves. Let them see who committed the military provocation. They will see results of this military provocation and the responsible side for the escalation of tensions. Our work is a matter of justice. Azerbaijan will not take a step back from its principled position," the head of the state highlighted. 

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