Patriarch Kirill calls Azerbaijan and Armenia to peace

  24 July 2020    Read: 805
  Patriarch Kirill calls Azerbaijan and Armenia to peace

His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia made a statement on the escalation of tensions on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border calling both sides to peace, reports. 

He noted that the conflict between two nations continues for 33 years. Patriarch Kirill also reminded that religious leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia held a trilateral meeting in Pravoslav Monastery in Moscow with the initiative of the Russian Pravoslav Church in 1995. 

“As a result of the meeting, a joint statement was adopted on the non-existence of religious basis of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Today, it is necessary to remember when the factor of religion is artificially brought about ethnic conflicts for the escalation of the conflict. "

“Dear brothers and sisters, I ask you to remember the achievements from our meetings. The Russian Orthodox Church prays that the conflict will be settled soon. We hope that our brotherly peoples of Armenia and Azerbaijan will find the strength and wisdom to put an end to hostility, reduce degradation and achieve a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict,” Patriarch Kirill also noted in his statement. 

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