Italian Parliament held hearings on Armenian provocations

  30 July 2020    Read: 1077
 Italian Parliament held hearings on Armenian provocations

The Standing Committee of the Italian Senate held hearings on the recent military provocations of Armenia against Azerbaijan with the participation of Azerbaijani Ambassador to Italy Mammad Ahmadzada, reports citing Azerbaijan's Embassy in Italy.

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate of Italy, Vito Petrocelli opened the hearings, expressing concerns of Italian Senate on this issues.

Afterwards, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Italy Mammad Ahmadzada made a presentation on this issue.

Ambassador informed Senators about the new territorial claims of Armenia against Azerbaijan in connection with the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan since 1988, Armenia's military aggression against Azerbaijan and the consequences of this violence.

Mammad Ahmadzada spoke of the requirements stated in UN Security Council resolutions, noting that Armenia has not implemented the UN Security Council resolutions. 

Senators also were informed of  the new military provocation of Armenia in the direction of Azerbaijan's Tovuz region since July 12, as well as the reasons and goals that provoked the Armenian leadership to such provocation.

Ambassador spoke of spreading disinformation by Armenia and the recent provocations against Azerbaijan's diplomatic missions in foreign countries by Armenia. 

Majority of senators underlined the importance of settlement of the conflict through dialogue and negotiations, the importance of UN Security Council resolutions and the Italian government's increased efforts for the settlement of the conflict. 

The event was broadcasted live on Senato TV, the official television channel of the Italian Senate and on the social network accounts of the Italian Senate.


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