"We keep the disease under control" - President Aliyev

  30 July 2020    Read: 1093
 "We keep the disease under control" - President Aliyev

"We keep the disease under control since the first day. all necessary steps are being taken to combat the pandemic", President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev made remarks at the inauguration of a modular hospital for the treatment of coronavirus patients in Shaki on July 29.

"Even in a short period of time, the production of medical masks, disinfectants and overalls for doctors has started in our country. We did not produce all of this. Surely, not every country produces all the goods it consumes. However, we have seen that it is difficult to import some equipment and supplies. Sometimes the signed contracts were not implemented, the funds were paid, and again we could not bring the necessary equipment. Especially in the first stage of the pandemic, there was great chaos in the world.

As a result of all this work, we have been keeping the disease under control since the first days. From the first days, our work was highly appreciated by both the citizens of Azerbaijan and the World Health Organization. So far, I have received letters of thanks that the Azerbaijani state has organized all this work and ensured the health of the people. The position of international organizations is also positive. The World Health Organization has praised our work as exemplary. I think it was the right decision to ease some coronavirus restrictions in early May because we observed a positive dynamic at that time. The number of recoveries is more than the infected ones. Therefore we eased the restrictions. We are well aware that people are deprived of their normal way of life. But what did we see? We observed that the number of infected people rapidly increased and we entered the phase of negative dynamics. Therefore, imposing toughened restrictive measures became inevitable. About a month after these measures were taken, again we observed the positive dynamics. Over the past two weeks, the number of recovered people exceeded the number of infected. This is a positive trend. We all want this quarantine regime to end soon and return to the way of life we have accustomed to. However, we see that as soon as there is a slight easing, the disease spreads rapidly and people's lives are endangered".

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