"If coronavirus cases increase, we may impose tough quarantine-related curbs again"

  08 August 2020    Read: 1939
 "If coronavirus cases increase, we may impose tough quarantine-related curbs again"

If we record a surge in the number of coronavirus cases in Azerbaijan, we may impose tough quarantine-related curbs again, says Assistant to the president of Azerbaijan, Head of the Department of Economic Issues and Innovative Development Policy of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan Shahmar Movsumov at the press briefing held today. 

We started softening some restrictions and cancelled SMS permission and opened beaches as of August 5. All non-food stores will be opened on August 10, as well. Also, we lifted restrictions on entrepreneurs providing all household services. We have to admit that eased coronavirus restrictions can lead to a new increase in cases. It concerns all the countries and makes them tighten the measures again", Shahmar Movsumov noted.

Movsumov also highlighted the significance of following the COVID-19 safety rules: "Currently, our main task is to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. There are 3 main directions. Firstly, we have to follow the simple rules of the quarantine regime. If we all follow the rules, the infection rate will decrease. Secondly, the government should control the fulfilment of the rules and it will take strict measures. Today, Azerbaijan Prime Minister will hold a meeting and will give instructions to the Executive Bodies to work in this field. Thirdly, the early detection of infected people is very important. If we follow all the rules, we will achieve the desired result. If the rules are followed, the softening period will be longer. However, if the numbers increase, we will impose tough quarantine-related curbs again."

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