TU Wien announces admission to first Master degree program in Baku

  11 August 2020    Read: 1590
TU Wien announces admission to first Master degree program in Baku

Hundreds of graduates who have completed this highly competitive program in Europe and in the United States have advanced in their careers.

It is now easier to master in high-level specialties of foreign universities in Baku. The Master of Science Program in Engineering Management from Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), one of the leading universities in Europe, will operate in Baku from November this year with constantly updated content to meet the needs of the modern labor market. Graduates of this Master's Program obtain a diploma from the Vienna University of Technology, in addition to which they will be able to take advantage of opportunities offered to students at European universities during their studies. Thus, during their studies, students get the right to live in Austria, benefit from the university campus, library, become a member of the university's alumni club, and so on.

The lectures will be taught solely in English only once a month in 13 modules held on weekends. Thus, 11 modules will be taught in Baku and 2 combined modules in Vienna. The study period is 3 semesters and will last from November 2020 to May 2022. Classes will be taught by both international academic and industry professionals. The program is open to candidates with a bachelor's degree or long-term technical or management experience.

Scholarships will be applied to citizens of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Iran and Kazakhstan who want to study in Baku, as well as citizens of other countries with residence permits in these countries, and the tuition fee will be 11,500 euros. The original tuition fee for this program in Vienna is 19,900 euros. Those who want to rise in management can achieve their goals by participating in the program of the Vienna University of Technology, which start operating in Baku. To do this, the completed application form should be sent to [email protected] by August 31, 2020. The list of documents required for admission can be found at here.

The number of students intended to control the quality of the program is limited, so hurry up to apply, places are limited!

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