Kashmiri woman Hebba making her mark in bridal fashion industry

  29 August 2020    Read: 686
Kashmiri woman Hebba making her mark in bridal fashion industry

Kashmir is shining brightly and young entrepreneurs are trying to make a mark in the UT with their skills and ideas, one such person is Hebba who is slowly making her own presence felt in the region's bridal fashion industry.

Hebba’s journey began on Instagram under her page called Makeup and Slay, where she’s received a lot of praise, and has now turned it into her own bridal fashion studio by the same name. She also maintains a similar page on Facebook, reads Hindustan Times.

The Kashmiri woman is an active member of the social media and shares pictures of all brides she has styled and done the makeup for.

She said she was always interested in bridal makeup and fashion.

“I have always been interested in makeup and bridal fashion and used to practice on my cousins when we were younger. In my childhood also I used to draw faces and decorate them," she told ANI.

"I always knew that I wanted to do this.

"The concept of being a make-up artist was not in mainstream society and I was hesitant to pursue this because of a conservative nature.

"But in the last few years, the industry started to take shape with a lot of young women and I was inspired by them,” Hebba told ANI.  

Narrating her story, Hebba said any people discouraged her.

 “Many people used to tell me that I was wasting my time and that this was not a good field. Even now people say that I should not be in this field and tell me that I have to study for the civil services. But I think my passion for makeup will always be within me. I hope that other women who have are passionate about fields that don’t have opportunities in Kashmir come forward and realise that their dreams can come true,” she said.
Speaking on her future, she told ANI: "I have a big vision and want to be a blogger and build a successful YouTube channel. Right now I am still in the beginning stages but I hope that my time will come to be appreciated."

"Women should come forward with all their talents and not be afraid of what people will say. People will say what they have to say no matter what we do, so we should just pursue what makes us happy," she said.

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