OSCE MG co-chairs’ “summer dream” and “fall awakening” – CARICATURE

  16 September 2020    Read: 1195
  OSCE MG co-chairs’ “summer dream” and “fall awakening” –   CARICATURE

This week, the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs somehow awakened from sleep, had phone talks with the Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers and issued a joint statement.

Interesting: Why did you have to work “so hard”? They seem to hear the July escalation of the tension on the frontline now. After “long and deep thought”, in mid-September they considered it important to focus on the Tovuz clashes.

I wonder when the co-chairs will react to the events that took place after the July incidents. For example, they are most likely to react to Anna Hakobyan’s Karabakh visit with a weapon in her hand in December, as well as to the relocation of an Armenian family from Lebanon to the occupied Shusha city of Azerbaijan in February.

In this situation, what’s the most ridiculous is that the Minsk Group co-chairs are inviting the foreign ministers to negotiate “with the aim of resuming serious substantive negotiations without preconditions”. Everyone already knows that the negotiation process has been disrupted, but at the current pace of thinking, the co-chairs will likely realize this by the end of 2021.


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