Azerbaijan's political parties issue joint statement on recent Armenian attacks against Azerbaijan

  27 September 2020    Read: 386

Azerbaijan's political parties issue joint statement on the large-scale provocations committed by the Armenian Armed Forces.

The statement reads as follows:

"On September 27, 2020, at around 06:00, the Armenian Armed Forces violated the ceasefire and launched a large-scale military operation to occupy new territories of Azerbaijan using large-calibre weapons, mortars and artillery of various calibres. As a result of the military aggression organized by Armenia along the entire frontline, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and civilians living in the frontline areas and their property were targeted. There are reports of civilian and military casualties. Numerous houses and civilian objects were severely damaged.

Armenia has been ignoring the UN Security Council resolutions for nearly 30 years and, unfortunately, has not been punished for it. In some cases, the UN Security Council resolutions are implemented within a few days. When it comes to Azerbaijan, the resolutions are not being implemented. This approach based on a double standard is unacceptable.

The Armenian government is not interested in resolving the 30-year-old conflict. The political authorities of Armenia are unable to solve the socio-economic problems in its domestic politics and the social difficulties caused by the epidemiological situation. The Armenian government regularly violates the ceasefire on the front line to distract the attention of its citizens from these problems and to put the internal political struggle in the background.

The militaristic statements of the Armenian Prime Minister, his failure to take a constructive position in the discussions on the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and his bizarre statements such as "Karabakh is Armenia and the point" are the obstacles to the discussions.

Armenia is doing its best to keep the status quo unchanged, preventing substantive talks. Armenia wants Azerbaijan to hold talks with the so-called "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic". The Supreme Commander-in-Chief categorically rejects this, and the OSCE Minsk Group does not agree with this proposal.

The Armenian army was defeated as a result of the crushing blows inflicted by the Azerbaijani Army during the fights after the ceasefire violation by Armenia in April 2016 and July 2020. Armenia's defeat should be a lesson to him. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief has repeatedly stated that we have no political or military interests in Armenia.

Armenia's launch of large-scale military operations poses a serious threat not only to the security of the region but also to the international community. The OSCE Minsk Group, the mediating mission for the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and international organizations must not remain silent in the face of Armenia's policy of aggression and take immediate political and legal measures.

The political parties operating in Azerbaijan and signing this statement unanimously support and express their support for all political and military measures taken by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev to protect the territorial integrity and security of our citizens and prevent large-scale terrorist provocations against Armenia!

In such a difficult situation, we once again call on all citizens of our country and the Azerbaijanis of the world to national unity and solidarity, to contribute to conveying the true voice of Azerbaijan to the world community, and the international community not to be indifferent to Azerbaijan's struggle for historical truth and international law.

The statement signed by:

1. New Azerbaijan Party - Ali Ahmadov
2. Civil Solidarity Party - Sabir Rustamkhanli
3. Motherland Party - Fazail Agamali
4. Great Establishment Party - Fazil Mustafa
5. All-Azerbaijan Popular Front Party - Gudrat Hasanguliyev
6. Democratic Reforms Party - Asim Mollazade
7. Unity Party - Tahir Karimli
8. Civil Union Party - Sabir Hajiyev
9. Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party - Elshan Musayev
10. National Front Party - Razi Nurullayev
11. Real Party - Ilgar Mammadov
12. Azerbaijan Umid Party - Igbal Aga-zade
13. National Revival Movement Party - Faraj Guliyev
14. Democratic Party of Azerbaijan - Sardar Jalaloglu
15. People's Party of Azerbaijan - Panah Huseyn
16. Justice Party - Ilyas Ismayilov
17. Classical Popular Front Party - Mirmahmud Fattayev
18. Azerbaijan Democratic Party - Sulhaddin Akbar
19. Liberal Party of Azerbaijan - Avaz Temirkhan
20. Azerbaijan National Independence Party - Arzukhan Alizade
21. Aydinlar Party - Gulamhuseyn Alibeyli
22. Republican Party of Azerbaijan - Subut Asadov
23. Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party - Araz Alizade
24. Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party - Asli Kazimova
25. Greater Azerbaijan Party - Elshad Musayev
26. National Unity Party - Yunus Oguz
27. WHITE Party - Tural Abbasli
28. Modern Musavat Party - Hafiz Hajiyev

29. Liberal Democratic Party of Azerbaijan - Fuad Aliyev
30. Azerbaijan Civic Party - Mais Safarli
31. Freedom Party - Ahmad Orujov
32. Alliance Party for Azerbaijan - Abutalib Samadov
33. Free Republican Party of Azerbaijan - Kamil Seyidov
34. Republican People's Party - Badraddin Guliyev
35. Democratic Azerbaijan World Party - Alisahib Huseynov
36. New Time Party - Musa Agayev
37. Citizen and Development Party - Ali Aliyev
38. People's Democratic Party of Azerbaijan - Rafig Turabkhan
39. Communist Party of Azerbaijan - Haji Hajiyev and Rauf Gurbanov
40. National Congress Party - Ikhtiyar Shirinov
41. Independent People's Party - Aflan Ibrahimov
42. United Azerbaijan National Unity Party - Hajibaba Azimov
43. Azerbaijan National Democratic Party - Tufan Karimov
44. Azerbaijan Evolution Party - Teyyub Aliyev
45. Unity Party - Khudadat Khudiyev
46. ​​Future Azerbaijan Party - Agasif Shakiroglu
47. Azerbaijan National Movement Party - Samir Jafarov
48. Azerbaijan Fighters Party - Agadur Muslimov
49. Gorgud Party - Firudin Karimov
50. National Democratic Cognitive Party - Osman Efendiyev


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