By now 40 civilians hopitalized as a result of Armenian aggression

  30 September 2020    Read: 1126
By now 40 civilians hopitalized as a result of Armenian aggression

The military-political leadership of the aggressor Armenia continues its terrorist acts against the civilian population, grossly violating the norms and principles of international law.

Armenia continues to subject densely populated areas - regional and rural centers, civil infrastructure objects - hospitals, medical centers, school buildings, kindergartens to intensive artillery bombardment.

Total number of civilians hospitalized as a result of Armenian shelling is 40. 

The Armenian armed forces committed a large-scale provocation, subjecting the positions of the Azerbaijani army to intensive shelling from large-caliber weapons, mortars, and artillery installations of various calibers in the front-line zone on Sept. 27 at 06:00 (GMT+4).

The command of the Azerbaijani Army decided to launch a counter-offensive operation of Azerbaijani troops along the entire front to suppress the combat activity of the Armenian armed forces and ensure the safety of the civilian population.

Ashagi Abdurrahmanli, Garakhanbeyli, Garvend, Kend Horadiz, Yukhari Abdulrahmanli villages of Fizuli district, Boyuk Marjanli, and Nuzgar villages of Jabrayil district were liberated.

Moreover, the positions of the Armenian armed forces were destroyed in the direction of the Agdere district and Murovdag, important heights were taken under control.

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