We fight for our Motherland - President Aliyev

  30 September 2020    Read: 1019
 We fight for our Motherland - President Aliyev

I was informed that our soldiers and officers have only one wish which is to recover and return to the front line. Our cause is of justice, we fight for our Motherland. Our fight is fair and I am confident that we will achieve what we want in this battle and restore our territorial integrity. Our compatriots, who have been living as IDPs for many years will also return to their ancestorial lands, President Ilham Aliyev said. 

The head of the state made these remarks at his meeting with the servicemen wounded during the Armenian military provocation that launched on September 27 and treated at the Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Defense Ministry.

The head of the state noted: "Our country pays special attention to martyrs' families by taking all necessary measures. I can say that Azerbaijan can be considered an example in the world for the attention paid to martyrs' families. As you know, all the families of martyrs are provided with apartments and houses by the state with my instructions. This year, 1,500 families of martyrs will be provided with apartments by the state.

Within next 2-3 years, the families of our heroic servicemen who died in the first Karabakh war will be provided with houses and apartments. Today we have martyrs, we have had martyrs in the battles for Motherland. May God have mercy on all our martyrs. Their blood has not and will not remain on the ground."


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