President Aliyev: Azerbaijani soldiers drive them away like dogs

  04 October 2020    Read: 698
 President Aliyev: Azerbaijani soldiers drive them away like dogs

The first culprit in the current situation is the Armenian leadership, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev said in his address to the nation.

At the same time, there are circles of some countries that are indifferent to this issue, always support Armenia and want to perpetuate this occupation, the head of state noted.

He stressed that Azerbaijan is resolving this issue on its own.

“I told Armenia before the events of 27 September – let's fight one on one. Let's see who is who! So what happened? Pashinyan calls one world leader a day. Every day! I did not call anyone. I did not call any world leader. I had contacts and they called me. There is no world leader left who he would not call, beg, send an emissary, implore and kneel to. This is the end of it,” President Aliyev said.

“If he had spoken to us in a normal language, if he had not desecrated our holy city, of course, we would live with the hope that this issue would be resolved through negotiations. But every step was a provocation, every step was an insult, and he thinks that we will put up with that?! Now we have shown who is who. We are driving them away like dogs! Azerbaijani soldiers drive them away like dogs! The Azerbaijani flag is being raised in the occupied territories! Azerbaijani soldiers are standing in their trenches! Their posts are in our hands! We are driving their tanks! Their other weapons are in our hands, their trucks are in our hands! We are fulfilling our mission of salvation and we will complete it!” he added.

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