Properties of Azerbaijani civilians damaged as result of Armenian shelling

  05 October 2020    Read: 290
  Properties of Azerbaijani civilians damaged as result of Armenian shelling

The Armenian Armed Forces, grossly violating the norms and principles of international humanitarian law, continue shelling densely populated Azerbaijani cities and villages, as well as civilian objects, including private and residential buildings, farms, and thereby dealing significant damage to both state and private property, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Emergency Situations told

“As a result of the attack launched by the Armenian Armed Forces, a fire broke out in Tartar city in a private house belonging to a citizen, in a separate facility at a personal plot. Thanks to the prompt intervention of the fire brigades of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergencies, most of the private house, to which the fire spread, was protected from fire,” said the ministry.

Moreover, the shelling by the Armenian Armed Forces’ units resulted in fire broke out in two apartments of a two-storey residential building in Tartar city, and some apartments were protected from fire, the ministry said.

“As a result of the Armenian shelling, the flammable roof structures of two private houses in Tartar city burned down. The rest of these houses were protected from fire,” noted the ministry.

“The Ministry of Emergency Situations also received information about fires that broke out in seven private houses, as well as in one shopping facility in Tartar caused by the shell hit. But due to the continuous shelling of these territories by the Armenian Armed Forces, the fires in these houses could not be extinguished,” the ministry added.

“A shell launched by the Armenian Armed Forces completely destroyed one of the houses, as well as the roof structures of two nearby private houses in Beylagan city. The civil defense forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations brought to the territory, the corresponding calculations of the Mugan regional center and the State Fire Service picked out the bodies of two victims under the ruins,” said the ministry.

The emergency ministry noted that in order to extinguish the fires that arose due to the Armenian shelling at various objects, including civil ones, as well as in private and apartment buildings, farms, infrastructure facilities.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan is working in an enhanced mode. In case of emergencies, the ministry asks to call the hotline #112.

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