Turkish defense minister slams Armenia for 'war crimes' against Azerbaijani civilians

  06 October 2020    Read: 366
  Turkish defense minister slams Armenia for

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar slammed Armenia for committing war crimes in attacks targeting Azerbaijani civilians, AzVision.az reports citing the Turkish media.


“Armenian authorities, openly targeting innocent civilians, will surely be judged in humanity's, their own people's conscience,” Akar said in a videoconference with commanders-in-chief of the armed forces Monday.

The minister urged Yerevan to withdraw its forces from occupied territories, end cooperation with terrorists and remove mercenaries from the region.

Akar said Armenia resorted to the use of lies and slander after suffering defeats against the Azerbaijani army.

“Furthermore, countries that have remained silent for 30 years need to see the truth about Armenia and strive to hand back the occupied territories to their rightful owners,” Akar said.

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