Armenia shellis residential settlements in Azerbaijan's Terter despite ceasefire

  10 October 2020    Read: 391
 Armenia shellis residential settlements in Azerbaijan

On October 10, the Armenian Armed Forces intensively fired rockets and artillery shells at Terter region of Azerbaijan violating the humanitarian ceasefire, targeting settlements and the demilitarized zone, reports citing the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.  

Note, a ceasefire was declared from 12:00 on October 10, 2020 for humanitarian purposes for the exchange of prisoners of war and other detained persons and bodies of the dead, mediated and in accordance with the criteria of the International Committee of the Red Cross. 

Starting from September 27, at about 06:00, the Armenian Armed Forces committed military provocation against Azerbaijan shelling the positions of the Azerbaijan Army along the entire length of the front and targeting settlements and demilitarized zones, as well as non-military clearly visible and distinguishable objects, including the civilian population, located in the frontline zone and cities and regions far from the front line with missiles, large-calibre weapons, mortars, and artillery mounts of various calibres.

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