Armenia deliberately targets civilians in its misslie attack into Azerbaijan's Ganja, says Hikmet Hajiyev

  11 October 2020    Read: 351
 Armenia deliberately targets civilians in its misslie attack into Azerbaijan

Armenia launched a missile attack on Ganja targeting civilians without adhering to its obligations, said Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmet Hajiyev while answering  journalists' questions in Ganja, report. 

Azerbaijani President’s Assitant said that the Armenian rocket attack on Ganja was assessed as an act of genocide against the Azerbaijani people.

"Armenians committed such a genocide in Khojaly in the early 1990s. However, today they are fighting against a strong Azerbaijani state, the Azerbaijani Army. The Azerbaijani Army responds on the battlefield. The international community must know that the responsibility lies with the Armenian leadership ", Hikmet Hajiyev noted.

“It is believed that Armenia launched a missile from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, an assessment is being carried out. The ceasefire was violated by Armenia. The international community must evaluate this attack. This is disrespect to the mediating parties. When missiles like Tochka U are in the hands of such people, they use them against civilians. They are carrying weapons to Armenia using civilian planes", Hajiyev added.

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