Ex-Turkish envoy: Armenian leadership rules country with terrorist methods

  11 October 2020    Read: 356
  Ex-Turkish envoy: Armenian leadership rules country with terrorist methods

The Armenian leadership rules the country with jungle rules and terrorist methods, said the former Turkish ambassador to Azerbaijan Husuli Kilic.

He noted that targeting Azerbaijan’s big cities and civilians openly shows Armenia’s terrorist nature.

“The fact that they [Armenian leadership] demonstrates hostility to the Turks and use Armenians for ugly purposes confirms that these people are also criminals against their own people,” the former diplomat said.

Kilic described Armenia’s October 11 missile attack on the civilian population of Azerbaijan’s Ganja city as war crime.

He reminded that the act of genocide committed by Armenians in the Azerbaijani town of Khohaly has not been forgotten and will not be forgotten for centuries.

“This genocide was committed in the eyes of the whole world. In essence, the shelling of civilians in Ganja is another bloody page of the Khohaly genocide,” Kilic added.

“Turning a blind eye to this crime is to be complicit in Armenia's war crimes,” said Kilic, urging UN agencies and the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs to take a fair approach to this issue.

The former diplomat went on to say that Armenia’s acts of vandalism against Ganja, which also harmed women and children, will never be forgotten.  

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