Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence Industry addresses over 90 companies

  13 October 2020    Read: 472
Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence Industry addresses over 90 companies

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense Industry has addressed an appeal to more than 90 companies from Turkey, Pakistan, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Iran, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Uzbekistan, Austria, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, India, England, Italy, Latvia, South Africa, Spain, China and a number of other countries providing detailed information about the latest Armenian provocations, reports.

“From September 27 till now, the Armenian occupiers have organized terrorist attacks against the civilian population of Azerbaijan, shelling Tartar, Mingachevir, Agjabadi, Beylagan, Ganja cities and a number of villages and settlements using various weapons. Consequently, 42 civilians were killed, 206 were injured. As many as 241 civilian facilities and 1,479 houses, 66 apartment buildings were damaged.

The glorious Azerbaijani Army resolutely suppresses the Armenian attacks and gives a decent response to Armenians on the battlefield.

The Armenians, suffering heavy losses during the battles, were forced to retreat,” said the ministry.

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