Azerbaijan does not target civilians - Presidential Aide

  19 October 2020    Read: 640
 Azerbaijan does not target civilians - Presidential Aide

Azerbaijan does not target any civilians on the Armenian side. Azerbaijan focuses only on military targets, Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration said, reports. 

Hajiyev said it is impossible to name Armenian atrocities.

"Al Jazeera" prepared reportage from Azerbaijan's Fuzuli city liberated from occupation - VIDEO  

"Although Azerbaijan adheres to the humanitarian ceasefire, it is forced to respond to Armenian provocations. They violate all these laws and conventions and continues to commit war crimes against the Azerbaijani people. Armenia is currently firing on Azerbaijani civilians. Even Armenia is trying to escalate the conflict by firing on Azerbaijani civilians from its territory. We stated yesterday that we are ready to return the bodies of Armenians killed in the war. However, the Armenian side continued its provocations and fired on our civilians again," Haijyev note. 

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