Reserves of Azerbaijan's Kalbajar region deposits to be re-examined, evaluated

  24 October 2020    Read: 505
Reserves of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's Kalbajar district is rich in ground and underground natural resources, head of the National Geological Prospecting Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR) Ali Aliyev told Trend.

During the exploration work carried out since the 1950s, many mineral deposits were discovered in the district, the reserves of which were calculated and accepted for state and territorial balance.

Until 1993, the mineral reserves for confirmed deposits in the Kalbajar region were - 130 tons of gold, 190 tons of silver, 45.82 tons of tellurium, 248.89 tons of selenium, 10,927 cubic meters of limestone, 5,189 tons of colored stone, 12,428 cubic meters of building stone, 1,901 cubic meters of finishing stone and 4,473 cubic meters of cement raw materials, etc., Aliyev said.

"It was not possible to get full-time information about the real state of local mineral deposits after the occupation of the area. But according to the received aerospace images, we can say that the Armenian occupiers mercilessly exploited them, " Aliyev said.

He also added that after the liberation from occupation, the reserves of the Kalbajar region will be re-examined and evaluated.

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