"Diplomats and military attaches saw Barda residents' determination"

  29 October 2020    Read: 556
 "Diplomats and military attaches saw Barda residents

With the instruction by Azerbaijan President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Glorious Azerbaijani Army Ilham Aliyev, we organized this visit to Barda and Terter, Hikmet Hajiyev, Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration said. 

He made these remarks at a briefing in Barda district. 

Presidential Aide also thanked diplomatic missions and military attaches accredited to Azerbaijan. 

"Yesterday and the day before yesterday Armenian forces intensively shelled Azerbaijan's Barda district by using 'Smerch" rocket and cluster bombs. As a result of these attacks, a number of people were killed and injured. Barda city is located 60-70 kilometers far from the conflict zone. Armenia has only one goal by shelling Barda with prohibited missiles: slaughtering people and stir panic among people. They will not realize their goals in any way. Representatives of diplomatic missions and miltary attaches saw determination of Barda residents," Hajiyev noted.  

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