Khojavend police department stationed in Hadrut

  11 November 2020    Read: 622
 Khojavend police department stationed in Hadrut

Khojavend police department is stationed in Hadrut, the head of the executive power of Khojavend Eyvaz Huseynov said.

Eyvaz Huseynov said that a  temporary commandant’s offices is created in Hadrut to carry out special management and the commandant is the head of the Khojavend police department.

Huseynov said relevant government agencies are carrying out carrying out work on the power supply, water supply, inventory of property, and other issues, following the decree signed by President Ilham Aliyev ‘On the organization of temporary special administration in the territories liberated from the occupation of Azerbaijan’, each state body carries out its own the task.

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