Armenian army consists of thieves- President Aliyev

  20 November 2020    Read: 457
  Armenian army consists of thieves- President Aliyev

Thus, the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is already in the past, as also acknowledged by international experts. Azerbaijan has achieved a brilliant victory on the battlefield and in the political arena. Measures will be taken to improve these lands. First of all, mine clearance work should be carried out. This is also a time-consuming issue. Because the hated enemy has mined large areas of land. After that, work on infrastructure projects should be undertaken, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev said addressing the nation on November 20. 

Instructions have already been issued to analyze the existing infrastructure. We now have satellite and other capabilities. When I visited Fuzuli and Jabrayil districts, I used a new road built in a short time. It is a temporary road, but it is usable. In other words, we will do all this work, and our great return plan is being developed now.

As for the war, I must say again that Azerbaijani soldiers and officers showed true heroism. However, the number of deserters from the Armenian army exceeds 10,000 people. They are saying this themselves, their officials are saying that there were more than 10,000 deserters. This shows again what army is invincible and what army is a heroic army. Their army, in fact, that gang of their could only fight against civilians. The Khojaly executioners and other killers who burned our villages, killed our people and civilians cannot be considered servicemen. Their army consists of thieves. So many bent Armenian generals have been arrested in the last two years! The generals who sell soldiers’ stew are thieves. Their “heroes” are cowards and their leaders are criminals.

The Armenian leadership itself says that for 20 years, from 1998 to 2018, the country was governed by bandits, thieves, cowards and deserters. Who has led it for the last two and a half years? The whole world can sees that. So what name can one give to this country? Only one name – a failed state. What is the cause of this failure? Occupation! I have said this many times. Everyone can look up my speeches and interviews. I said that this occupation would lead Armenia to the abyss. I said that we would never come to terms with this occupation and return our lands sooner or later.

But Armenia will waste a historic opportunity. Armenia has not been able to become an independent country for nearly 30 years. It is not independent today either. Armenia is in fact a colony. Was this the dream of the Armenian people? Was this their expectation? Why couldn't they become an independent country? Because of the occupation! What did they gain from the occupation? Nothing! They were disgraced in the political sphere, in all international organizations, we worked hard to disgrace them. Decisions and resolutions meeting our interests and based on international law were adopted.

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