It is too early to reveal all the secrets of the war - President Aliyev

  24 November 2020    Read: 522
  It is too early to reveal all the secrets of the war - President Aliyev

I know and feel that as our cities, districts and villages were liberated from occupation, the people of Aghdam also looked forward to when their villages and the city of Aghdam would be liberated, Azerbaijan President Iham Aliyev said during his speech in Agdam. 

"Jabrayil was liberated, Fizuli was liberated, Hadrut was liberated, Zangilan, Gubadli, Sugovushan, Shusha were liberated, and the people of Agdam probably wondered why Agdam was not being liberated. I can say that now. I wanted to communicate this information to the people of Aghdam in some form, but they should also understand that I could not do that during the war. There were five lines of defense here. The enemy was waiting for us here. We could not afford to attack where the enemy was waiting. We kept a large military contingent in this direction so that the enemy's military forces would stay here and not go elsewhere. After the liberation of Fuzuli, Hadrut, most of Khojavand district and Shusha, of course, we already intended to move towards the city of Aghdam. The order was issued that the next direction was Aghdam. The enemy also knows and already admits that if they had not accepted my conditions to leave our lands, they would have died here. Because we were coming to Aghdam.

It is too early to reveal all the secrets of the war. Very interesting issues will emerge in the future. But I can say with full confidence today that the Agdam operation was part of our plans. We would have taken Aghdam anyway, but there would have been casualties, a great number of casualties. Therefore, after liberating Shusha and more than 70 of our villages on 9 November, we broke the enemy's back, they surrendered, raised a white flag, agreed to my terms and admitted their defeat," the head of the state noted. 

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