Azerbaijani community of the UK appealed to ICRC

  24 November 2020    Read: 530
  Azerbaijani community of the UK appealed to ICRC

The Azerbaijani community of the United Kingdom sends appeals to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) regarding captured Azerbaijani servicemen, the State Committee on Work with Diaspora told 

The letter signed by chairman of the British-Azerbaijani Society Farida Panahova and sent to ICRC President Peter Maurer expressed concern over the fate of Azerbaijani servicemen captured during the 44-day fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It was noted that there are convincing evidences regarding detaining of Azerbaijani servicemen by Armeni despite the peace deal. 

"They are Amin Musayev, Ruslan Rustamov and Bayram Karimov. There are their videos showing that they are alive at the time of capturing. After that, their family members could not contact them," the letter said.

Appeal asked the ICRC leadership to identify the locations of all three captured soldiers and ensure their safe return home.

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