Italian media publishes articles about Azerbaijan

  12 January 2021    Read: 373
 Italian media publishes articles about Azerbaijan

Famous Italian newspaper “Il Giornale”, analytical-information portal “Notizie Geopolitiche” and “MSN Notizie” news portal published articles on a video conference chaired by President Ilham Aliyev on the results of 2020, where the head of the state spoke about the main events in the political, economic and social spheres in the country, as well as plans for 2021, Azerbaijani Embassy in Italy told 

The articles cited statements from President Ilhm Aliyev’s speech on the results of 2020. 

“Although 2020 was a difficult year for all countries economically, Azerbaijan came out of this situation with fewer losses than other countries.  

Agriculture has grown by 2 percent and will continue to grow. I have ordered that autumn sowing should now be carried out on liberated lands. The average salary and average pension have increased by about 13-14 percent. The Oil Fund's resources have not decreased. They have actually increased. This may come as a surprise to many. Not much, but it has increased by about 0.5 percent. So we have been able to save our foreign exchange reserves. Although we have spent billions on the fight against coronavirus, waged war and paid other costs, benefits and social packages. Based on recent decisions, the allowance for the families of martyrs has been increased from 300 to 500 manats,” the articles stated with reference to President Aliyev’s speech. 

“At the end of the year, on 31 December, we received another piece of good news: the Southern Gas Corridor has been fully commissioned. Its last segment, TAP, has been commissioned. For the first time in history, Azerbaijani gas is already in Europe. This is our historic achievement. After all, we initiated the Southern Gas Corridor project. We have also borne the main financial burden. This project, which links many countries, lays the foundation for a new format of cooperation among the countries involved and other Eurasian countries in the future. This format of cooperation is already manifesting itself in the transport sector, trade and other sectors. We have redesigned the energy map of Eurasia. We have built three interconnected gas pipelines 3,500 kilometers in length. We have launched the Shah Deniz-2 project, and European consumers are already buying Azerbaijani gas. This is good for them and good for us. At the same time, successful work was done on other projects last year. I am confident that the development of these projects will bring us additional dividends – both economic and political.”

The articles also cover President Ilham Aliyev's views on the assessment of international organizations of the work carried out in Azerbaijan:

“The World Bank's Doing Business report, as people may remember it, was inaccurate about several countries. The World Bank said a few months ago that the ratings of these countries would be reconsidered, including Azerbaijan, which was on the list. So it was reconsidered and our rating was increased. Because it had not been calculated correctly before. I do not know why and this is another matter. However, according to the new ranking, Azerbaijan ranks 28th out of 190 countries in the World Bank's Doing Business program. This is something for those frowning at our work, those who have no idea about economy. The World Bank says this. The business climate, the investment climate, the reforms are acknowledged by the World Bank. In addition, Azerbaijan is among top 10 most reformist countries. So the so-called economists, the fake economists crowing abroad and here, open your eyes, have a look and put your tongue in your stomach. Some random people were trying to teach us a lesson: “the economy is not run properly, this and that”. Go and read, if you can read at all.” 

Speaking at the meeting, President Ilham Aliyev spoke about the plans for 2021, as well as the work to be done in the liberated areas, in addition to the traditional work set out in the state investment plan:

“The first project is a road project to Shusha. Because the traditional roads to Shusha are not quite acceptable for us now. True, we are using them, but we can use these roads accompanied by Russian peacekeeping forces – both the Lachin corridor and through the Girmizi Bazar area. In the future, of course, we will use these roads freely, including the Aghdam-Khankandi-Shusha road. The statement signed on 10 November states that all communications will be opened, so it will not be a problem to use these roads after some time. But today it is necessary to build a new road to Shusha, and we have already started doing that. It is a very difficult project, the terrain is very difficult, especially now that the weather has set in. However, the Ahmadbayli-Alkhanli-Fuzuli-Shusha road is under construction, and I think it will be built sooner than planned.

Another important project has already been launched. This is the Toganali-Kalbajar road, which also passes through complex terrain. In some places, the altitude is 3,500 meters, so it is very difficult to use this road in the winter. Therefore, the construction of tunnels is planned. Relevant instructions have been issued and this project is being implemented. At the same time, the order has been issued to build a road from Horadiz to Zangilan, then to Gubadli and further to Lachin district. Preparations are underway. I must add that the road from Toganali to Kalbajar will be extended to Lachin district. Thus, we will create the road and transport infrastructure on both sides – from the north and from the south to Lachin and Kalbajar districts. “

The articles highlighted President Aliyev’s statement that less than two months have passed since the end of the war, but great work has already been done: 

"The war ended only two months ago, but notice how much work has already been done. Restoration work has already begun, and this shows again that there is no difference between our words and our deeds. We said that we would restore these lands soon after they are liberated from occupation. I recently said that we would create a paradise in the Karabakh region, and I am keeping my word. It is up to all of us to fulfill these words. 

Therefore, 2021 should be very significant in this regard. It is in 2021 that the people of Azerbaijan and the whole world will see that our intentions are implemented and our plans come true,” the articles cited Azerbaijani President’s speech. 

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