Azerbaijan announces main principles of COVID-19 vaccination

  17 January 2021    Read: 489
  Azerbaijan announces main principles of COVID-19 vaccination

The main principles of vaccination against COVID-19 have been announced in Azerbaijan.

Among them are the principles of voluntariness, safety, transparency, phasing, justice, responsibility, cooperation, said Teymur Musayev, head of the department of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Health. 

“At the initial stage, medical workers, people older 65, representatives of law enforcement agencies involved in anti-epidemic activity will be vaccinated,” Musayev said.

"Those who are at high risk from a medical point of view; people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system; those undergoing hemodialysis procedure; those having diabetes, obesity; people with at least one chronic disease aged 50 and older; people working in the education sector and social sphere; people permanently living in social institutions; employees having direct contact with the population working in ASAN and DOST service centers, the public transport sector, the banking sector, the telecommunications sector, as well as people working in high-risk conditions (ensuring national and regional security, etc.) will be also vaccinated," he added. 

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