Baghdad Amreyev talks destruction of Azerbaijan's Aghdam city

  18 January 2021    Read: 329
  Baghdad Amreyev talks destruction of Azerbaijan

People expected the return and liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani lands for 30 years, Secretary-General of the Turkic Council Baghdad Amreyev, who is on a visit to Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district, said.

"This is a very big victory not only for the Azerbaijani people but also for all Turkic countries,” Amreyev added. “That is why all fraternal Turkic peoples perceived this victory this way. Today we visited the destroyed Aghdam.”

“It was clear that this city was waiting for its owner,” the secretary-general added. “Previously, it was a prosperous place and I am sure that now, after the liberation of these lands, the Azerbaijanis will return here, reviving the former glory of these places. We are very glad to be here today and see all this."

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