Nine schools damaged during the Ganja terror

  27 January 2021    Read: 773
  Nine schools damaged during the Ganja terror

9 schools were damaged as a result of the rocket attack on the city of Ganja.

"Schools No. 4 and 29 were severely damaged. In others, the restoration of windows and frames has been completed, and work is underway in other schools," head of the Ganja City Education Department Anar Gadimaliyev said, reports.

He said that one building of school No. 4 was in an unusable condition and closed for construction.

"Teaching will continue in other buildings of the school. School No. 29 is old and has been severely damaged by the terrorist attack. Teaching at that school has been suspended. 929 students of the school will continue their education at the newly built school No. 18. The windows and frames of other 7 schools have been repaired, and work is underway on some of them. They will be fully repaired and put into operation by February 1, "Gadimaliyev noted.

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