Ex-Azerbaijani minister brought to criminal responsibility

  04 February 2021    Read: 1016
 Ex-Azerbaijani minister brought to criminal responsibility

Azerbaijan’s former minister of labor and social protection of population Salim Muslimov was brought to criminal responsibility, the State Security Service told AzVision.az.

The State Security Service investigated the facts of abuse and improper use of powers by Salimov during his activity as minister of labor and social protection of the population related to the rehabilitation and social protection of disabled people and children with disabilities, implementation of state control over activity of employers in connection with labor, employment, social protection issues and numerous cases of abuse.

During the criminal case initiated on the basis of the collected materials, the investigative bodies revealed that Muslimov deliberately used his official powers for the purpose of obtaining illegal privileges.

The investigative bodies revealed that Salimov claimed and received a part of the funds allocated to individuals and legal entities who constructed and repaired private residential houses and boarding houses for disabled people in various districts through officials subordinate to him as intermediaries.

There is also such information that Muslimov repeatedly took big bribes for the results of inspections carried out by the State Labor Inspection Service of the ministry during the construction and reconstruction of industrial, social and domestic and other facilities upon the fact of compliance with labor protection requirements and issuing permits for their using.

The investigative bodies also revealed that Muslimov repeatedly received from 10,000 manat ($5,882) to 30,000 manat ($17,647) in the form of bribes for the results of inspections from each head of various territorial branches.

Muslimov was brought to justice as an accused upon Article 308.2 (abuse of office, entailing grave consequences), 311.3.2 and 311.3.3 (large-scale bribe-taking) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. A measure of restraint in the form of arrest was chosen upon a court decision.

Currently, investigative and operational measures are being taken.

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