Russian peacekeepers demine Khojavend district of Azerbaijan

  09 February 2021    Read: 1414
 Russian peacekeepers demine Khojavend district of Azerbaijan

Specialists of the Russian contingent of the peacekeeping forces demine the territory of Khojavend district of Azerbaijan, the Russian MoD reported.

During the demining of the territories in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, Russian servicemen use the Uran-6 multifunctional robotic complex. Its use ensures complete safety of personnel and allows to increase the productivity of cleaning the area from explosive objects.

In total, during demining in Nagorno-Karabakh, 1191, 3 hectares of territory, 350 km of roads, 1170 housing buildings and 29 socially significant objects were cleared, 24, 2 explosive objects were discovered and neutralized.

Detected explosive objects, abandoned or non-exploded ammunition are taken to a specially equipped landfill and destroyed. Ammunition that cannot be evacuated is destroyed on the spot with the necessary security measures in place.

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