EU says ready to share peace-building experience with Azerbaijan

  18 February 2021    Read: 533
EU says ready to share peace-building experience with Azerbaijan

EU stands ready to share its peace-building experience with Azerbaijan, Head of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan Kestutis Jankauskas said during an online event on Thursday,

Jankauskas noted that many consider the EU to be an economic organization but it actually started as the peace project after World War 2.

“It has managed through cooperation and working together on various areas to build long-lasting peace. We stand ready to share that experience and I think Azerbaijan can benefit from it. We believe that through cooperation we will eventually see this region peaceful and without conflicts,” he said. 

He expressed the belief that in the future the countries of the region will all have active diplomatic relations, open borders and all communities will be living peacefully next to each other.

“We believe that these cooperation programs that we presented and talked about today can become regional and can reach across borders. There are possibilities to cooperate on transport, climate change, energy, and so on and so on,” the diplomat noted. 

He said that the EU already has a representative actively working in this area.

“We have been working recently with the UN, the World Bank, and the government on the recovery process and peacebuilding assessment which I think is an excellent cooperation prospect for us,” Jankauskas added. 

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