16 July 2015    Read: 669
YAP plans to nominate its candidates for all constituencies
The ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) has prepared the initial list of its candidates for the upcoming presidential elections, YAP deputy executive secretary, MP Siyavush Novruzov told.

Novruzov said that YAP currently holds 72 seats in the parliament, 5 of these constituencies are vacant.

“The investigation on current MPs is over. Their activities, people’s attitude toward them, their presence in electoral campaign in districts, holding meetings with voters, legislative initiatives in parliament in order to meet interests of voters, promoting Azerbaijan within international organizations, loyalty to the state were studied. We carried out works in other constituencies, as YAP plans to nominate candidates for all constituencies. We sometimes didn’t nominate candidates from constituencies where there were well-known intellectuals, respected people, and leaders of ruling parties. This issue depends on the decision of YAP Management Board.”

Novruzov said there are some YAP members, who were not elected parliamentarians as they were nominated or some of them were once elected as parliamentarians, took an active part in the activity of the party.

“Investigation has been carried out in this regard, necessary documents were collected. These documents will be reviewed once again in August and submitted to the party’s leadership,” he added.

As for the fact that what percentage of the current MPs from YAP is not included in the initial list, Novruzov said this issue will be decided by the party’s leadership, adding but among them there are those who is not included in the initial list of candidates as they do not meet some principles of the party.

YAP plans to print a single banner for all candidates and has already implemented technical tasks in connection with the elections, Novruzov completed.

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