Boeing 777 with engine trouble makes emergency landing in Moscow

  26 February 2021    Read: 712
Boeing 777 with engine trouble makes emergency landing in Moscow

A Boeing 777 airliner on Friday made an emergency landing in Moscow after experiencing engine problems, the operating airline said, days after another model rained down engine debris over the United States.

"During cargo flight No. 4520 from Hong Kong to Madrid, incorrect operation of the engine control sensor was discovered," airline Rossiya told Agence France-Presse (AFP) in a statement, adding that "the crew decided to make an emergency landing in Moscow."

Online flight trackers confirmed that the plane was a Boeing 777.

The airline said the unscheduled landing went ahead without incident and that no one was injured.

The aircraft will continue its onward journey to Madrid after a delay of several hours, it added.

The incident came just days after Boeing confirmed that dozens of its aircraft were grounded globally resulting from the engine of a United Airlines plane catching fire and scattering debris over a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

It was not immediately clear whether the Boeing 777 that made the emergency landing in Moscow on Friday was equipped with the same engine that shed parts over Colorado last week.

The United Flight engine failure was a fresh blow for the beleaguered US aviation giant that was forced to ground another fleet of planes after a series of deadly crashes.

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