The Victory of Patriotic Spirit and Wise Policy

  17 March 2021    Read: 1605
The Victory of Patriotic Spirit and Wise Policy

by Sevda Zulfugarova,

English teacher, Secondary School #189-190


The American psychologist William James once suggested that wars have positive psychological effects on people who are involved in them. The word “positive” grabbed my attention and at first, it seemed weird, even somehow not sensible. However, after reading the article I gained some insights for myself. Namely, the second Karabakh War taught us many positive things, we did not even think about before; about ourselves  – brave but just and fair nation.

I often thought about reasons for Armenian hate for Azerbaijanis and Turks. We have always been or at least tried to be kind neighbours. Settled in Azerbaijan territory Armenians have never been oppressed, neither were treated as strangers. Was the reason jealousy? Armenia, which lacks natural resources, is a small country with 29,743 km2 territory and has approximately a third of Azerbaijan’s territory (86,600 km2) and population. Armenia’s inability to solve its economic problems drives it to fight wars for territorial and economic gains. Azerbaijan has always been a geopolitically important location in the South Caucasus due to its geography and vast oil and gas reserves. Maybe this may sound somehow logical, however totally inhumane attitude.. Backed up by some countries and relying on influential Armenian lobbies in countries such as the USA and France,  Armenia occupied 20% of Azerbaijan’s territory in 1994. The collapse of the USSR and the weak socio-political situation in Azerbaijan was also used to fulfil this ugly plan. 30 years of unjust silence by countries whose main political goals are declared to be a democracy and human rights. 30 years of advocacy that Azerbaijan would never be able to fight and liberate its lands. 30 years waiting for the peaceful solution of the conflict.

Nevertheless, after these long 30 years, the Azerbaijani people managed to unite to defend their territorial integrity under the Commander –in- Chief’s leadership.  

Armenia, which couldn’t realize Azerbaijan’s military strength, was defeated. We proved, we have always had the dignity and honour to defend our native land. We are a humane nation that has never initiated a war to capture other countries’ territories. We didn’t kill civilians, children, innocent people like Armenian barbarians did. We only fought bravely on the battlefields demonstrating heroic acts of self-sacrifice for the sake of our motherland. The strength of the Azerbaijani Army was the patriotism of our sons and Commander –Chief’s wise policy which led us to the glorious and decisive victory.

This 44-day war taught us many lessons. It wasn’t easy to gain victory. 2,801 soldiers were killed and more than 100 servicemen were missing or their bodies remained unidentified. Many young people became disabled after the war. The whole nation owes those heroes. We should never forget these brave people; both those who died and those who were injured. Next generations should take care of them and perpetuate their courage. And we should always remember: This was not just a story of one war, it indeed was the proof of unity and ability of our nation. It was a demonstration of determination, great love for our land and our nation.

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