Polish companies ready to support Azerbaijan in restoration of liberated lands: Foreign Ministry

  03 May 2021    Read: 3292
 Polish companies ready to support Azerbaijan in restoration of liberated lands: Foreign Ministry

Polish companies and institutions are ready to support Azerbaijan in the restoration of its liberated territories, the Polish Foreign Ministry told Trend.

The ministry said work is underway on proposals from Polish companies that are interested in participating in this process, and considering possible options for financing from Polish and international organizations.

“Polish companies can offer interesting solutions that can be applied on liberated lands (for example, in waste management, construction, development of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, agriculture, etc.). Moreover, Poland has extensive experience in implementing projects aimed at protecting the architectural and cultural heritage. Thus, the Polish School of Conservation is known all over the world, and Polish specialists, restorers and architects are involved in restoration work carried out on all continents. This potential and experience can also be useful for the restoration of cultural heritage on the liberated Azerbaijani lands,” it noted.

The Polish ministry also hailed the implementation of the program of economic reforms and Azerbaijan’s growing position as an international transport hub between Central Asia and Europe. “This creates especially good conditions for the development of bilateral economic cooperation.”

The ministry stressed that the "Roadmap for strategic partnership in economic field", signed in Warsaw in 2017, defines the main directions of Poland-Azerbaijan economic cooperation.

“Economic cooperation was also discussed during the visit of Polish President Andrzej Duda to Azerbaijan in May 2019. Bilateral cooperation can be facilitated by the signing of a new agreement between Azerbaijan and the EU, as well as Azerbaijan's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO),” it added.

The ministry also expressed Poland’s readiness to cooperate with Azerbaijan in various fields.  

“Cooperation with Poland can contribute to the economic transformation of Azerbaijan. A lot of useful things can be learned from the Polish experience, and we are ready to share this with our partners,” the ministry concluded.

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