restores historical name of Khankendi

  24 May 2021    Read: 195 restores historical name of Khankendi

The liberated territories of Azerbaijan are known with their historical names around the world, reports.

The historical name of Nagorno-Karabakh, especially the city of Khankendi has been restored on many international websites. The fake names given by Armenians have been renounced.

The name 'Stepanakert', fabricated by Armenians was replaced by Khankendi on 

"The name 'Stepanakert' (Khankendi) is not recognized on most popular platforms. If you want to book a hotel room in 'Stepanakert', you need to write Khankendi on those websites. For instance, you must write Khankendi instead of 'Stepanakert', if you want the system to understand your request on," the Armenian media writes. 

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