Baku Metro to operate under Cabinet of Ministers recommendations

  28 May 2021    Read: 426
Baku Metro to operate under Cabinet of Ministers recommendations

Baku Metro CJSC reminded the rules of passenger transportation due to the resumption of its work on May 31, according to CJSC.

The Baku Metro will resume its work from 06:00 (GMT +4) on May 31. Until the end of quarantine, the metro will operate following the decisions, instructions, and recommendations of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers.

As reported, the entrance to the metro station will be open from 06:00 to 00:00.

In addition, the metro, like all public transport, will not work:

From 00:00 on June 5 to 06:00 on June 7;

From 00:00 on June 13 to 06:00 on June 14;

From 00:00 June 19 to 06:00 June 20;

From 00:00 June 26 to 06:00 June 28.

At stations and in metro cars, passengers must use medical masks and maintain social distance. Citizens who incorrectly wear a medical mask will be held administratively liable in accordance with the law. At the entrance to a Baku Metro station, passengers must wear medical masks, and their temperature will be selectively measured.

Citizens with high temperatures will not be allowed on the metro.

Pharmacies at subway stations will sell medical masks.

Besides, disinfection work will continue in the metro. Disinfection of stations and cars will be carried out according to the established schedule.

The current disinfection work will be carried out daily, at least six times a day.

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